Top 5 Myths About Medical Cannabis


Marijuana is the most common addictive drug, and in many places, it’s possession calls for the violation of the law. But in the recent past, it has garnered quite a popularity. Thanks to its medicinal properties, it has become the trending ingredient of the century. Medical Cannabis or medical marijuana is the plant-based drug used for therapeutic purposes.

Although medical cannabis has undoubted benefits, there is still misconception and misinformation regarding the same. On the one hand, where there is complete support for the usage of marijuana for recreational and medical use, a part of society is still skeptical about its legalization and usage. For a few people, this is a marketing strategy that helps a backdoor entry of the otherwise illegal drug. The misleading information surrounding medical cannabis proves as a hurdle for its broader acceptance. Most people are also less aware and confused about the prescribed limit of dosage. Studies are going on that bring forward the various pros and cons of the use of marijuana, which helps in busting multiple myths concerning the same.

Here are the 5 most common types of myths related to medical cannabis.


1. Medical Cannabis is not Legal

For the range of uses of medical cannabis, most of the countries have now legalized the same. In countries like the US, Europe, and Australia the purchase of cannabis is legal with certain restrictions. And in the rest of the nations, cannabis is gaining momentum. You can now purchase a wide range of products from wellness to beauty infused with this miracle material almost anywhere in the world. In Canada, where the purchase of cannabis is legal for registered medicinal patients with permission from licensed healthcare practitioners, cannabis products are available online. One such product is cheap shatter canada which is a cannabis concentrate that comes in different potencies and is used for its some fantastic health therapeutic benefits. You can find various such products that are readily available online these days.

2. Medical Cannabis gets you high 

The most common myth about the usage of medical cannabis is, it gets you high. Smoking and ingesting marijuana indeed gives you the feeling of being high. But, with medical marijuana, there is a considerable reduction in the level of THC(tetrahydrocannabinol), the compound which gives the feeling of high. The naturally occurring substance CBD (Cannabidiol) is found in cannabis and is used in a variety of oils, creams, or edibles to impart a feeling of calmness and relaxation. It thus helps in reducing the stress and anxiety and gives the energizing effects throughout the day. According to the studies of NCBI, CBD based medicines are associated with improvements in sleep disorder and help treat insomnia. Thus medical cannabis can be used for recreational and medicinal purposes without any intoxicating effects.

3. Medical Cannabis is a hype having no actual effectiveness 

This is a big misconception. Medical Cannabis is no marketing hype, but it has proven effectiveness. Studies by NCCIH show that there are multiple uses of cannabis for specific health conditions like pain, anxiety, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, PTSD, inflammation, cancer- related symptoms, etc. FDA has also approved CBD based liquid medication for the treatment of severe childhood epilepsy. Clinical evidence supports the use of cannabis for chemotherapy-induced nausea and vomiting in children. Various other similar studies show that CBD present in cannabis concentrates can even promote the fat browning process, regulate blood pressure, improve muscle cramps, and boost metabolism.

4. Cannabis is not safe

Medical marijuana is safe when used in moderation. Experts say that higher THC levels and increased use can lead to a lifetime dependency on it. Cannabis shows an addictive effect with prolonged use. Patients taking cannabis for a specific ailment should take an appropriate and recommended dose. It is better to take a low amount of drug and gradually increase the dosage so that it acts upon the specific problem safely without increasing the addiction for the same.

5. All Cannabis products are similar in quality 

While purchasing a cannabis product, it is essential to choose the best, as quality differs with different manufacturers. With the increasing demand, the quality of cannabis is sometimes compromised. There can be contamination and impurities. It is, therefore, vital to purchase marijuana from trusted sources only. There are a few contamination tests for proving the best quality cannabis products. Also, the Certificates of Analysis(COA) is mandatory for the legal manufacturers, which provides a detailed report of the various compounds present in the product.

These are the few myths that are busted about the medical use of marijuana. But, with cannabis being the trending ingredient of the century, more questions arise relating to the benefits and quality of the same. The researches are being conducted and put forward for the people who want this magic component to work on their various ailments. There are regulations for safe and quality manufacturing of medical marijuana. And soon after tapping its true potential, cannabis will become a breakthrough in medical science.

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