The Role Of Terpenes In CBD – Are They Important?

The therapeutic benefits of cannabis have become popular throughout the world. More and more people are turning to the regular use of CBD to get rid of various health issues including arthritis, chronic pain, anxiety, stress, sleeping disorder, and many others. The medicinal effects of these ingredients are mainly because of the presence of two chemicals known as cannabinoids – THC and CBD. Apart from this, another group of compounds known as terpenes, too, have a role to play.

Terpenes are the aromatic oils that contribute to the fragrance and taste of marijuana. Just like CBD, they also come with an extensive range of health benefits. Listed below is detailed information about terpenes:

What Are Terpenes?

Terpenes are the aromatic and volatile compounds present in plants. Every time you smell a flower or get a whiff of fresh fruit denotes the presence of terpenes in the same. The world has more than hundreds of terpenes. Interestingly, more than 200 of this ingredient have already been detected in cannabis. Having said that, only a few of these compounds are found in the industrial hemp that occurs in high quantities respectively. Many manufacturers sometimes add extra terpenes to aid naturally occurring ones in the plant matter.

The reason for the hype and addition of these compounds is that they are known to be having some beneficial properties. Much researches have been carried out by scientists and it has been claimed that just like CBD, terpenes, too could have particular therapeutic effects. This is the reason why they are so popular in the circles of aromatherapy or natural healing.

Terpenes In CBD:

CBD terpenes could be beneficial because of the specific effects caused by them in the body. There are a few common compounds that often mark their presence in CBD oils. Listed below are their description and important details.


This terpene is found in pine needles. Apart from this, it is also present in several other conifers as well as citrus fruits. The use of this ingredient is very popular in traditional Chinese medication. This is because it comprises of several therapeutic benefits and properties such as antibacterial, bronchodilator, and anti-inflammatory.


Linalool is another popular ingredient present in many plants and flowers. It comes with a mesmerizing, floral, and delicate fragrance. It is mainly popular for its presence in the lavender plant and flower. Many vendors and manufacturers add this ingredient for its lovely scent in their products. Apart from this, linalool is also used to aid good sleep and as an anti-anxiety compound in aromatherapy.


Myrcene is considered as one of the most common terpenes that are associated with the cannabis family. The scent of this ingredient is dark, herbal, and earthy – similar to that of cannabis. It is believed to have powerful effects on your body. It produces a tiring effect, thereby making you sleepy and help you with insomnia. It also comprises of several antibacterial properties that are also helpful in relieving some kinds of pains.


This is referred to as one of the most exciting terpenes present in many plants and herbs. You will spot it in the herbs such as black pepper, clove, and cinnamon. The woody and spicy aroma of this ingredient make it unique. Interestingly, it also interacts with your endocannabinoid system just like other cannabinoids. Apart from this, it is taken into use in several analgesic and anti-inflammatory products.


You will spot this ingredient in a variety of citrus fruits. The name of this substance is similar to lemons. It is referred to as an anti-fungal agent. Apart from this, the ingredient is also helpful in reducing inflammation and boosting your mood. In CBD products, the presence of this terpene is very crucial. This is because it helps to enhance the absorption rate of other ingredients in cannabinoid.


You can best describe this ingredient as hoppy. This is because it may act as an appetite suppressant. Apart from this, it comes with several anti-inflammatory properties.

The Importance Of Terpenes In CBD Oil:

There are excellent potential benefits of terpenes which is why their presence is important in CBD products including CBD oil as well. This is because this ingredient makes the oil more powerful in terms of its properties, thereby fulfilling the very purpose for which it is being consumed by one and all.

The many properties of terpenes such as relaxing, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, sleep-inducing, etc. make it a desirable ingredient in the CBD oil. The presence of limonene, caryophyllene, and several other substances in these oils will surely help you boost the overall effects of CBD in your body. The presence of these ingredients helps your body to make the extra use of a daily supplement of CBD even better.

To make the most out of the combination of CBD and terpenes, it is always suggested to buy products belonging to a good-quality and reliable brand. The authentic brands will give you organic products, free from any kind of adulteration. Thus, you can derive maximum benefits from the consumption of CBD. Moreover, if you are consuming this oil using a vaping device, the sweet and natural flavor of the terpenes will always give you a good feel.

The above-stated information on this ingredient suggests that you must not ignore terpenes while buying any CBD product, especially CBD oil. Check for the ingredients and make a desirable choice.

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